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What are the most labor-saving method to ride a bicycle

What are the most labor-saving ride a bike?

Want to ride longer, much longer, methods must use correct riding bicycle. Save the physical strength, reasonable allocation to complete the ride travel. Rational use of cycling golden muscles correctly is the most important. Step by step, sits on the bicycle exercise.

The first step. Reduce belly belly, erect the pelvis. By pressing the abdomen, sciatic will stand up, remember to keep the normal position. Close alvine followed up after pelvic bone basin, can launch to the leg muscles, and avoid the oppression to the perineal region.

The second step to arch. Keep the abdomen vertical pelvis posture, chest forward from the back bending, bending, thoracic 12 nodes, will form a curvature of the spine, this point is connected to the thigh bone of lumbar muscle. Leg action will pull to the waist muscle, mandibular muscles, rectus femoris, the pedal main muscle groups. Therefore, must establish the good vertical pelvis, bending arch back riding habit, so as to better play the role to the muscles of the labor saving effect.

The third step. Elbows slightly bent, damping. If the elbow straight, will focus on the arms and shoulders, riding after a period of time, fatigue will cause the shoulder and neck pain, easy, so we must keep the elbows slightly bent. There are two purposes for this. Elbows slightly bent, can focus on to pedal shaft, turn into a driving force, trampling strength can be straight down, no loss of strength.

When the focus is not on hand, but on the pedal, elbows slightly bent can be absorbed by the ground to vibration transmitted, and can let a person do not fatigue and safety, not afraid of being tremor, natural bending vibration.

The fourth step to improve the bare feet. The movable space force is greater when the hip, thigh can raise, have sufficient space, detonated gold muscles.

Follow these steps to practicing slowly, be sure to start to take it easy, wait until the muscle memory rhythm movement, in the slowly speed.

When the correct posture during riding habit, even long time riding travel will become easier.

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