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4 Advantages of Riding Bicycle

Composition and double power bicycle: made a alloy box increased in the traditional self car frame, the box contains a variety of transmission parts, through the interaction force, so as to realize the double power hands, push and pull handle operation simple, so as to realize the drive can make the car forward, not only energy, but also fitness.

1. Habitual cycling, more can gradually expand your heart. Otherwise fine blood vessels become more and more, increasing degradation of the heart, to old age, you will experience it to worry, then you'll find out, cycling is so perfect.

2. Cycling can also prevent high blood pressure, and sometimes more effective than drug.

3. But also to prevent obesity, hardening of the arteries, and make strong bones. The bicycle so that you don't need drugs to stay healthy, and there is no harm.

4. The bike is a tool for weight loss, according to statistics, 75 kg heavy people, to 9 miles an hour and a half speed, riding 73 miles, can reduce the half kilogram of body weight per day, but must persevere.

The sport of cycling, not only can reduce weight, also can make your body more attractive symmetry. The exercise to lose weight, diet or side edge of the movement of human body, than just rely on dieting to lose weight people better, more charming.

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